Event Video Production

There are over 1 billion people on Facebook and Instagram everyday and over 100 million hours of video are watched per day on Facebook. Reach more people that matter to you using video ads. Video Production is key to getting potential clients to connect with you and your brand.

Event Production

We provide audio/visual services, as well as video wall rental for your event. Lights, sounds, camera, ACTION! We handle the lights, stage, video wall, graphic design, video to screen and more! Let us create the most amazing event to blow the socks of your attendees!

Corporate Video Production

Corporate Video ProductionVideo marketing is an area that a business should not ignore when creating a marketing budget. We provide video production from start to finish with storyboards, filming, editing, and delivery. We can also use still images and raw footage, that you provide, or we can provide professional photography.

Event Marketing Strategies

With the right branding, buyer profiling, audience insights, and the right promotions, your event sales will show a success. I want to make sure your event, that you have spent thousands of dollars on, IS A SUCCESS. You’ve made it beautiful and you have crossed your T’s and dotted your I’s. Now it’s time to get your event in front of the eyes who will buy your tickets. Even if you don’t have a ticket to sell ~ let’s get them in the doors!

Virtual Events!

Due to the unprecedented situation with COVID-19, Bang Up Productions would like to offer our services in turning your event fully virtual. Fundraisers - Virtual Tradeshows - Webinars - Live Entertainment - Live interviews - and more

We can run it from anywhere, any time, big or small. Staying within the health guidelines. Contact us to see if your vision can be brought to life with Bang Up Productions!

Case study: Metis Cultural Days went fully virtual - With this being the 3rd Annual Metis Cultural Days, CUMFI was eager to still be able to bring the Metis stories, music and art to everyone. In previous years we had an attendance of over 1,500 people each day visit the Western Development Museum. This year looked a little different but with Bang Up Productions' help, we created an AMAZING AND UNIQUE experience that reached not only the attendees from previous years but saw an increase in our over-all following, website visits, and views on the live Facebook event. Consider working with Bang Up Productions for your virtual event. Contact us today!

Couch to Beach
Unlike in-person events, virtual ones aren't restricted to a single location. A remote attendee can join and participate from anywhere in the World. All you need is an internet connection.

Any Event
Any event can be virtual. The best virtual events dovetail in-person ones in a lot of areas. Engage attendees, secure great speakers, an event host, and personalize the virtual experience to your brand.

Social Distancing
Before 2020, "social distancing" wasn't a term heard around the World. We are a very hands-on society and with the new changes, the way we hold our fundraising events is moving to a new platform. A virtual one.

Sky is the limit

Hold your event any time, any place, and with confidence. Contact us today.

Bang Up Productions - Some of our clients

Your success is our success.


We didn't get where we are today without our amazing clients! We have a reputation for superior work, dedication to each project and our personal service. You are not a paycheque, you are our success story!


Our commitment shows in our work. We will never give you any less than 100% of our talents. We strive on handling each client as an individual and do not copy and paste solutions for you. You are unique and we treat you as such.

Constant Classroom

One thing about us is we never stop learning. In our digital age we are constantly having to adapt to new platforms, rules, algorithms and new media being created. Knowing which medium is best, how to use it, what is the "next best thing"... we stay up-to-date. We make it our business to consistently teach ourselves so that we can help you with the right information, not something we learned years ago at school.


It's no doubt that we do what we do because we are creative! We love, love, seeing the fruits of our labours being used daily to help a business succeed. From video production to event promotion and event production to graphic design and web design. We use every creative bone in our body to bring your brand to life.

Event Photography

Event photography is more than just coming to your event and delivering photos. It needs to tell your story, your brand and YOU!With a background in marketing, you will be provided with photography that is not just snapshots but tell the story of your event for future use in your marketing efforts
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